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Here are some ways that will help you generate more revenue and higher yield per skier visit...
1) is a MARKETING ENGINE for your resort
Gain more exposure to your resort through our qualified web traffic, email marketing campaigns, affiliate marketing strategies, cooperative advertising opportunities, CRM database, and social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs).

By using as an online sales channel, your resort will reach a larger audience and give skiers and riders a chance to try a resort that they might not have considered before.

2) has the flexibility to adjust ticket pricing in order to encourage sales provides a sense of urgency with our customers through flash sales, multiday lift ticket packages, early bird specials, time sensitive promotions, weekly incentives, gift certificates…etc.

Drive Year-Round Revenue with the World's First Season Pass Marketplace
Utilize our season pass marketing engine to promote and distribute your season pass program to a highly qualified audience. Our goal is to create year-round revenue for your resort. This locks in revenue for your resort before the season starts.


We cross-sell all your mountain products to increase revenue per skier
We want to drive more revenue to your resort by bundling your mountain products. We cross-sell your lift tickets with lessons, rentals, and other activities.

5) We provide comprehensive sales reports
Our monthly sales reports give you rich insight into your resort offerings in connection with our marketing engine. Powerful and easy-to-understand reports let you analyze your customer data in an entirely new way. This enables your resort to strengthen its marketing initiatives within the platform and create higher revenue per skier visit.
6) Our ticket window is never closed
Our skiers and riders want convenience and value. is a one-stop shop where customers can buy lift tickets, rentals, and lessons at any time of the day or night, and without the hassle of stopping at a gas station, grocery store, rental shop, or other retailer.
7) We share commissions on lift ticket insurance, which adds to your bottom line
We have partnered with Travel Guard, which allows us to sell travel insurance by default on all reservations booked through We split all Travel Guard commissions with your resort. Since our products are non-refundable, there is a strong incentive for customers to buy this insurance.
8) There are NO SET UP FEES to partner with us operates exclusively on commission from products purchased.
9) We provide an easy implementation
We will make sure that your ticketing department understands how our vouchers are redeemed. We have a call center in place to answer any questions.
10) We provide fast payment cycles (Net 15)
The products we sell are non-refundable, so your revenue is guaranteed regardless of customer redemption. You will receive payment from on a 15-day cycle.
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