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Colorado’s Steepest Run that Will Make You Pucker

by Brandon Quinn | March 1, 2019

Yeah, you read that right.

No it’s not Vail, not Breck, not Keystone…in fact, the run didn’t even exist until last season.

Enter Arapahoe Basin — The Legend

Built out in the summer of 2017, Arapahoe Basin’s Steep Gullies are the culprit behind those butt clinching, mind tingling, chest tightening sensations . While in the history of mankind we experienced these sensations in order to focus and outrun a saber tooth tiger, times have changed–now we’re faced with double black diamond expert-only terrain that quickly rule out the faint of heart. If, however, you are willing to lean into your body’s natural response, your return on investment may be the biggest dumbest grin West of the Mississippi.

The Steepest Terrain

Arapahoe Basin (AKA A-Basin) began an enormous project to expand the existing terrain in the summer of 2017. The result? 468 acres, 34 new runs, and a new chair lift that opens skiers and riders up to the steepest runs of the entire ski area.
Those steeps live in the properly named, Steep Gullies. You can access the terrain either by way of the legendary Pallavicini chair or the new Beavers quad that runs all the way to the top of the mountain, but exiting the Gullies is a different story.

Earn Your Turns

As the saying goes, you gotta earn your turns. The Gullies are steep and the snow is good but only if you’re willing to hike the 30 minutes or so to get out of it. If you’re up for the stroll, freshies can linger for days because most skiers avoid the walk. But don’t expect a grueling bootpack here. Though it’s long(ish), the hike back to the bottom of Pallavacini (or Palli, for short), isn’t so bad on the legs.
If all this talk doesn’t get you excited about spine tingling chutes, here’s some visual reinforcement to help you along your way. In the meantime, buy some tickets.
Budget hint: the Gullies may be steep, but the prices aren’t. If want a local feel and great terrain, A-Basin is the way to go.

So pucker up, buddy, and get out there before someone steals your line!

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