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High Quality, Low Cost Camera Options

by Kirsten Dobroth | August 18, 2016



The GoPro Hero 4.

The world of action sports has never been the quite the same since the arrival of GoPro, an individually sized, high-definition camera able to produce high quality video and pictures for elite and amateur athletes, travelers, adventurers, and everyone in between. The price point, however, remains a burden that some consumers find prohibitive in actually securing one of these super-portable and durable devices for their next trip, with the GoPro Hero 4 listed at $400 to $500 online, depending on the site.
Some companies have tried to capitalize on the demand for individual point-of-view body and mounted cameras by releasing competing products that offer similar technology at a lower cost. This list from Beebom offers some of the top competitors in this niche that consumers can find on the market. TechRadar has similarly put together a top ten list of ultra-portable cameras that are popular alternatives to GoPro, many of which nowadays offer some sort of GPS tracking, as well.

ProShot Case with mount.

While many of these competitors aim to offer a different brand of individually sized, point-of-view cameras to consumers, ProShot Case, out of Boston, Massachusetts, has taken things one step further by introducing a removable case that turns users’ iPhone 6/6s into their very own GoPro style camera. Using the iPhone 6’s high quality camera resolution, the company has introduced a case that is both shock and water proof, and comes with a wide angle lens to emulate the sought after filming capability of GoPro. The company offers a few lucrative add-ons as well, like a fish eye lens and extendable pole mounts for top of the line photos and videos that offer the exact same quality as GoPro at a fraction of the price, and works with a device most people already own- their smartphone. ProShot Case users can also download the company’s app in order to take advantage of the camera’s ability to function via the phone’s volume buttons- even under water. Pretty cool, right? The company has plans to expand their line of cases to fit different iPhone versions, and a few androids, later this year.
Feature Photo Courtesy of ProShot Case.

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