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Hitting the Road With Mountain Collective

by Dan Giesin | November 15, 2022

Is there anything more American than a road trip?

From Steinbeck to Kerouac, from Kuralt to Canned Heat, setting out on the open road has been an inspiration for generations of poets and writers. There’s nothing more invigorating and alluring than putting the car in gear and heading out to see what’s around the next bend.

Although most people scratch their rambling itch in the summer months, there is a subset of road warriors that prefers to rack up their mileage in the winter, motoring from ski resort to ski resort in search of the perfect turn.

Sounds like a blast, right? But there can be one huge conundrum: How does one plan out a route when there are so many options and permutations?

Luckily, there’s an outfit that can help you in that regard.

Road Trip Pods

Mountain Collective, an association of 25 premier resorts in North America, Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, has cobbled together road trips that link some of their properties into tidy pods.

  • Want to sample a Rocky Mountain high? How about starting off with a couple of days in Aspen Snowmass, then driving about 2 hours to Arapahoe Basin for a short spell, then heading south to Taos (a 5-hour drive) to cap things off.
  • Or maybe the Northern Rockies are your cup of joe. Mountain Collective passes are good at  Jackson Hole, Grand Targhee and Big Sky, all of which can be experienced in a little more than 5 hours driving time.
  • Perhaps the fabled lake-effect, uber-light snow of the Wasatch Range gets your mojo working. Neighboring resorts Alta and Snowbird — they share a common boundary — are just 75 minutes away from fellow Mountain Collect resort Snowbasin.
  • Or you can opt for a really ambitious tour of the western Great White North section of Mountain Collective’s associated resorts. Start off in Sun Peaks in south central British Columbia, then head over to Revelstoke (4.5 hours away) before driving to Panorama (3.5 hours). After that pop over into Alberta for stops in Lake Louise (2 hours from Panorama) and Banff/Sunshine (40 minutes from Lake Louise).

And not only does Mountain Collective offer suggestions on where to ski and snowboard, it also has associations with lodging properties close to their resorts and can offer some pretty good deals on accommodations.

An Economical Option

Of course, these road trips can be a bit pricey, what with the cost of food and fuel. But a Mountain Collective pass won’t break the bank.

For the $599 adult pass, (it’s $499 for kids 13-18 and $199 for those 12 and under), a pass-holder gets 2 days of riding at each of the 25 associated resorts; and if one decides to stay over for an extra day or three, a pass-holder gets a 50-percent reduction in the resort’s rack-rate lift ticket price.

So, grab a Mountain Collective pass and hit the road for that endless winter.

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