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Labor Day Ski Sales

by Kirsten Dobroth | September 2, 2016

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend, which means many things to many people- an extra day off from work, school back in session, the end of wearing white pants for the foreseeable future- but to skiers and snowboarders across the country, Labor Day Weekend puts them one step closer to falling flakes and powder days.
And while some people might be planning last minute barbecues to take advantage of the fleeting summer weather, skiers and snowboarders are probably starting to realize that sales and deals on winter equipment is also nearing an end. There’s a few way to save on last minute deals, though, and ensure that your set up is ready for the 2016/17 season.
Ski Gear Swaps
Ski swaps are a popular way to inherit someone else’s lightly used equipment, and have long been a staple in ski towns for skiers and snowboarders looking to pick up- or sell- everything from bindings to boards to soft goods for the upcoming season. Online forums have picked up on the idea as well, with Gear Trade, and Epic Ski being popular forums of buying and selling gear. For anyone located near or in a ski town, check out the town’s Calendar of Events, as most towns make a weekend out of locals trying to snag the best deals.
Hit Up The Sale
Retailers all over the country are trying to get rid of last season’s stock to make room for fresh merchandise, and just because it’s a year old doesn’t mean that it’s irrelevant equipment. Many times, companies are making minor tweaks to products, or simply refreshing the graphics on popular models. Backcountry and REI are currently advertising Labor Day deals, and The Ski Bum consistently offers slashed prices on soft and hard goods.
Check Out the Super Sale
There are sales, and then there are Super Sales. A bit overwhelming, super sales typically feature tents of everything ski and snowboard related that retailers are trying to get rid of from last season, along with previews of new equipment for the upcoming winter. The Denver Post covered a few of these super sale options in the Colorado area, with Ski Rex and Powder Daze being the two main contenders in Sniagrab’s departure.
And while the Labor Day sales might seem like a must in scoring the best gear for next season, keep in mind that there are no returns for discounted gear, and that if that 2016/17 set up is really what you want, it might be better just to bite the bullet and avoid buyer’s remorse.
Photo Courtesy of Christy Sports/Powder Daze.

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