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Mammoth Mountain Now Offering Subscription Skiing

by Greg Colquitt | January 18, 2018

Netflix, Spotify…now Skiing?

In lieu of the modern subscription trend, California’s Mammoth Mountain is taking a leap ahead of the curve in the snow sports industry. New this season, you can work and ski as a part of the mountain’s “Work + Play Membership” for $99/month, granting access to the mountains co-working space, The Fort, and multi-mountain pass, the Cali4nia Pass, which includes Mammoth, June Mountain, Big Bear, and Snow Summit.  This could be one of the best deals in skiing & riding, but isn’t limited to just snow.

12 Months of Work-Life Balance

The pass is for 12 months, which means to $1,200 and access to both summer and winter sports. Spaced out on their own, each individual membership (ski/ride pass, mountain biking, and Fort membership) would come out to $3,500 annually, so by purchasing the Work + Play membership, you’re coming out on top.
The goals of the pass are multi-faceted–to create a mountain experience that wasn’t so tied to seasonality, to reduce the burden of coming up with $1,200 up front, and to build a strong on-mountain community of great minds, creatives, etc. So if you’re a mountain biker and snowboarder who wants to make turns mid-week, for example, you can rest assured that taking calls or even having company meetings is not out of the picture.

A Snazzy Co-Working Space

The Fort, whose sister location is in Los Angeles, is with the times. The space features solid wi-fi access, an open floor plan, plenty of natural light, ample wall plug-ins, and a sexy wood burning fire place. For those looking to keep their minds sharp and meet interesting people while at work, this could be a real win-win.
For more information about the Fort and the new Work+Play Membership, click here.

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