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Pats Fans Score Big at Sugarloaf on Gameday

by Greg Colquitt | February 1, 2017

Tom and the boys are headed to the big dance, again.

How many times is this now? Nine. More than anyone else in the history of the NFL.
Like the rest of the reasonable world, I hate the Patriots. I even lived in Massachusetts, joined a bowling league on my inaugural New England night, and immediately sat next to a guy with Flying Elvis himself tatted right on his shoulder. His truck, as I would later find out, was decal-ed head to toe in Patriots regalia. Still, I never learned to love Our Lord and Savior Tom Brady and his disciples, but I did learn that the blue blood runs deep.

Common theme with @patriots players: "One more." #SoundFX

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So the good news is, you Pats fans can put $51 to good use next Sunday and shred some gnar.

Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine is going to hook you up with a $51 lift ticket–a cushy discount from the $95 typically charged on the weekend–under one condition. You have to wear your Pats jersey over your jacket . You also have the opportunity to earn a free lift ticket for another day by jumping in a group photo and doing a run in your jersey. Bummer dude…sounds rough.
Okay, you might be thinking, “Sheesh, I don’t want to ski during the Super Bowl. I’m trying to grill 300 burgers and drink an equal number of beers!” First of all, lifts close at 4 and the game starts at 4:30. They will also be showing the game on a projector screen in the Widowmaker Lounge with the “rowdiest group of Pats fans in the Carrabassett Valley”. There’s going to be food special and at halftime they’re giving away a season pass. Second of all, I skied at Copper Mountain the same day as the Bronco’s tragic loss to the Seahawks. Yeah, we lost, but I at least had fun. Maybe (hopefully) if the Pats lose you can still say you had fun.
Regardless of your affiliation, I would head to Sugarloaf. I’m tempted to buy a Pats jersey just to get in on that deal.

Nah, go Falcons.

But if you want in on the goods, meet at the bottom of Whiffletree lift at 9:30. For more info, click here. Bon voyage!


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