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Six Ways to Get Your Skiing Fix (in the Summer)

by Kirsten Dobroth | April 30, 2018

It’s hard to believe that another ski season has come to an end (in most places), but as May is fast approaching, we counted all the ways we could possibly think of to hold you over til next season.

Invest in Roller Blades

Okay, roller blading is certainly not skiing, but as far as cross training goes, it’s a great way to keep in shape while you’re in between seasons. Brownie points for anyone who decides to hit the downhill scene while strapped into their new gear Walter Mitty style.

Head Indoors

Indoor snow parks have been a thing in Europe for some time now, but haven’t really caught on in the United States. There are plans to open an indoor skiing center attached to a shopping mall in New Jersey—although, we should mention that after years of bankruptcy and stalled construction, it’s not set to open (if ever) til 2019.

Swap Snow for Water

It’s called water skiing for a reason. After all, you strap two planks to your feet and cruise over a surface made up of H2O, albeit a bit warmer than what you’re used to during the actual winter season.

Take a Hike

If your local resort doesn’t have snow, go find some! Plenty of spots above treeline have snow yearround, although we should caution that you might need a degree of wherewithal when it comes to planning an expedition, and it might be a quick ride to the bottom depending on the time of year.

Settle for Some Ski Porn

Really pining for some skiing and can’t get your fix? Plan a ski movie marathon for a rainy day, and invite all your powder-brained friends over to commiserate with your summertime blues.

Migrate South

If you really can’t settle for something that isn’t the real thing, book a trip to New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina and slide on some Southern Hemisphere snow.

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