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The Five Deepest Snowpacks in the Country

by Kirsten Dobroth | December 4, 2017

Mt. Baker, Washington

Surprise, surprise. The ski resort that averages the most snow per season in the world (641 inches, with a season high total of 1,140 inches during the 1998/99 season) finds itself once again far ahead of the rest of the (snow)pack when it comes to this season’s base. Mt. Baker’s summit is coated with 88-inches of snow, and its base boasts 78-inches of fluffy white stuff.

Grand Targhee, Wyoming

It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies have been getting hammered with snow over the last month, so much so that Targhee’s neighbor, a little place called Jackson Hole, even opening early because, as my colleague Greg Colquitt simply put it, “snow.” Targhee finds itself with a 68-inch base as of press time, with more in the forecast throughout the week.

Mammoth Mountain, California

After years of serious drought that affected all of California, it looks like snowy days are back again for the state’s ski resorts (who could forget the snowmageddon that buried most of California’s mountains last winter), and Mammoth is reaping the benefits. Just behind Grand Targhee, Mammoth finds itself just barely in third for the American resort with the most snow thus far this season, with 60-inches of snow.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Speaking of Jackson Hole, of course it’s in the top five! Jackson’s has 56 inches of snow thus far for the season, with more in the forecast. While we’re stoked for our friends up north, can you please send some of that powdery goodness our way (Colorado, to be specific)?

Big Sky, Montana

Montana’s Big Sky Resort has received 55-inches of snow as of press time, just rounding the country’s resorts with the most snow. Seeing as Big Sky averages about 400-inches of snow each winter, we wouldn’t be surprise if it cements itself somewhere within the top five for the rest of the winter.

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