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The On-Mountain Tacos of Your Dreams

The On-Mountain Tacos of Your Dreams

Ever wondered what it would be like to eat a taco in the middle of your ski run?

No? Well, you can.

Steamboat just rolled out the Taco Beast — a snow cat dedicated to bringing hot tacos directly to your face right on the mountain. Finally you can cozy up to a nice pile of barbacoa after slashing pow for hours and ingrain memories of famous Champagne Powder and Mexican cuisine. A match made in heaven.

This winter, after parking the cat at the base during the summer, the resort decided to take things mobile. Taco Beast roams the mountain, tacos in tow, selecting a few locations shared over Twitter for guest to ski to, pull up a seat, and grab a delicious hot taco under some Colorado rays.


The available tacos include beef barbacoa, elk chorizo, pollo asado, and a unique “tres hermanas”, which is a blend of roasted butternut squash, black beans, and corn. There are of course salsa options galore and they’re selling some roasted corn mixed with sour cream and cheese called esquites, as well. All of these are available Thursday-Monday 11am-2pm.

If you can’t get there soon, let that video above whet your whistle.

Time to get to Steamboat!

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Greg Colquitt

Greg Colquitt

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Greg is a skier based in Bozeman, MT. He is constantly at war with his desire to play and sometimes work.
Greg Colquitt