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by Greg Colquitt | February 18, 2016

This sounds serious.

A little ski resort in Colora—ehem, no. Let me start over. It’s a little ski hill in Michigan that takes the cake.  Yes you read that right–this is the stuff that will put you to the test. It’s the kind of world where glades rule, groomers drool, and cliffs have been bred like rabbits. Welcome to one of the most well-kept secrets in America. Are you up for it?

Enter Mount Bohemia, Michigan

Nestled high on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Mount Bohemia represents everything today’s society is not–a society where more and more people are moving into cities, Siri provides most of the conversation in a day, and Homo sapiens have evolved to run more efficiently on their butts than their feet. The world must have its checks and balances, however.
Here, cell phones hardly work, groomers don’t exist, snow is 100% natural, and yurts are the lodging standard. It’s the sign at the entrance of this resort that says: “Warning: NO BEGINNERS ALLOWED”. Lonie Glieberman, President of Mount Bohemia, has pigeonholed his hill both geographically (a six-hour drive from any metropolitan area) and demographically (experts only!), and that’s OK. Matter of fact, that’s divine.

Una foto publicada por Mount Bohemia (@mountbohemia) el

Skiing in Michigan to me (a Tennessee native for the record), conjures images of towing up a small hill behind a Ford on a bitter cold day, skidding down, and then spilling out onto a frozen lake attempting to avoid ice fisherman outcroppings littered across the surface. Okay, I might be a little dramatic here, but Michigan ain’t known for their skiing.

And who on God’s green earth needs a snow cat in Michigan?!

Mt. Bohemia is for real. For starters, as hinted, they have a snowcat operation starting up on neighboring Voodoo Mountain–the first commercial snowcat operation East of the Rockies. Voodoo Mountain is the north-facing hill a few miles from Mt. Bohemia, and once fully completed, we’re looking at 1,400 skiable acres, spectacular views of Lake Superior, and lots of powder stashes.
The powder stashes here are the real kind too. Upwards of 300 inches of lake-effect snow falls in the region every year and it’s 100% natural, 100% untouched AKA no manmade snow. The snowfall is crucial, too, to skiing the terrain at Mt. Bohemia, which is steeper and more rugged than Voodoo Mountain. Snow exhibit A below…

Una foto publicada por Mount Bohemia (@mountbohemia) el

Powder Magazine pushed this little guy through to the final four in its 2014 Ski Town Throwdown. Understand why now?

Sometimes you have to look a little harder and turn over unexpected stones to find your best adventures.

Hanging on by a thread on the far reaches of Michigan, Mount Bohemia is new kind of skiing adventure and it can all be yours. Check back for deals on and put Mount Bohemia on your radar for good.

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