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WATCH: Sean Pettit is a Multi-Sport Animal

by Greg Colquitt | March 15, 2018

For the record, that is a snowboard.

Also for the record, Sean Pettit is a professional skier.

The Canadian is known for many things like his K2 Pettitor skis, his appearances in a whole slew of ski movies, and his overall jolly good nature. His sponsor list is difficult to miss too–K2, Oakley, Red Bull, and Dalbello, to name a few–yet all this while he’s kept a pretty tight seal on his other super hero-esque capabilities.
Hopefully we all know the story of the 2018 Olympic snowboard/ski heroine, Ester Ledecka, who stole the show, landing a gold medal in the alpine super G on a pair of skis borrowed from Mikaela Shiffrin, and then gold in snowboarding parallel slalom just a week later.
I think its safe to say that in the 21st century, skiers and snowboarders have really blurred the lines of identity. Who wants to put a label on anything anyway?
Pettit rides a snowboard, yes, but he doesn’t just simply ride–he rides with style. You’re gonna want to watch this snowboarding edit and, if you’re so curious, continue scrolling to watch his ski edit from a couple years back.
This is a professional snow player. Be inspired.

SEAN PETTIT | Snowboard Part from Midnight Moon Media on Vimeo.

And here, the ski-side of him.

SEAN PETTIT | Full Part 2015 from Midnight Moon Media on Vimeo.

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