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This Is My Favorite Time of Year

by Brandon Quinn | September 21, 2021

This is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s when our family does our annual ski gear inventory and we ask ourselves, “Can we squeeze our kids’ feet into their boots for another season?”. We seem to always be missing a glove, and what about their ski pants? Have they now turned into capris? Watching the kids trounce around in full ski gear in our backyard is quite comical and part of the joys of preparing for the upcoming season.

If you are like me, you’ve had your eye on the latest weather trends to see if your ski region is predicted to have a good snow year. There’s one thing we all know—winter is coming, and that’s something to celebrate. In our home state of Colorado, the aspen groves in the mountains are starting to show the shift in temperature, and soon the leaves from the mountains of Vermont all the way to Washington will do the same.  Before you know it, we’ll all be on the hill getting a much-needed refresher—the one you can only get from a little fresh mountain air.

This past summer, my wife and I spent countless hours at skate parks watching our two boys rip around on scooters and “cross-training” for the upcoming ski season. We are patiently waiting for the moment we can all drop into bowls, dodge trees, and have a good old-fashioned on-mountain ski day.

This season we’re back and excited more than ever to share our love of mountain travel with you. We wish you a wonderful winter and let’s make this our best season yet!

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