Want to Avoid Crowds? Ski Independent.

What to do about these epic lift lines? If there's one thing that's popped up in everyone's minds, social media feeds, and conversations around skiing lately it's lift lines. As consolidation among ski areas continues to be the norm, an increasing number of people are...

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The Conditions for Perfect Powder

Ever wonder what makes for the best snow? We’ve all heard of that legendary “champagne powder”, but what really goes into that, and how does it differ from the legendary – ok, maybe infamous is a better word – Sierra cement? Moisture Well, dear reader, the first...

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Alternative Ski Methods

What's the best way to get down the mountain in style? You may have seen telemarkers here and there, those funny knee-droppers, and wondered, ‘why would I ever want to do lunges down the entire mountain?’ Well for some of us, your author included, telemark represents...

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What Makes a Great Groomer?

Buttery, corduroy goodness As it’s a few more days until we get the next round of the fluffy stuff, it pays to have something else to do on the mountain. The bumps start to get a bit hard, our friend the sun can start to affect the slopes below, and all but the most...

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The Best Glades in the West

“Cut a path through the trees. Then, in the spring, cut down every tree with blood on it” – Réal Boulanger Ever since our man Réal, one of the founders of the fabled Mont Sutton in Québec, had the inspiration to ski through the trees, they have been a ‘if you know,...

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